Friday, November 8, 2019

Motocross 4 Christ Families Both Give and Receive

MX families are great and our camps couldn't be done without all of the wonderful families that come along side of the ministry.

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That being said, MX kids often don't just race dirt bikes. We have kids and siblings that excel at running, soccer, football, swimming and other sports.

Aidan Dickins (far left in pic), one of our fastest mini riders at camp and top ten finisher at Loretta Lynn's, had a great football season as well. The Renegades from Skippers, Virginia won their league championships again this year!

Aidan and his dad Matt have been a blessing to MX4C. Matt is a seasoned excavator / track builder and has been such a asset to our track crew, volunteering countless hours each year.

Another family that we'd like to spotlight is the Weidners. Kevin (dad) and Preston (son) have been coming to camp for years. Preston started as a rider and now as a young adult, he serves as a volunteer, often serving from set-up to tear-down. Kevin is our go to guy for all kinds of tasks, from keeping hydration stations filled up to being one of our onsite EMTs.

This year a few more Weidners where at camp, younger sons Berkley and Steele participated as riders, Nellisa (mom) and Addie (daughter) served as volunteers.

Addie started as a freshman on her high school soccer team at Notre Dame High School in Easton, Pa. The Crusaders went to district championships and we look forward to following Addie and her team in future seasons!

One more family, there are so many of you! The Millers have been constants at camp. Ben Sr. (Dad) serves tirelessly from set-up to tear-dow, Ben Jr. and Jonathan (sons) serve on and off of the track and Emily (daughter) rides, helps out in the kitchen and crafts. Emily is a great rider but is a superstar soccer player too! She plays for multiple travel teams and is often the top scorer.

God gives us all a platform to give Him glory. Sometimes it may be on the podium, sports field or at your workplace. We all need to look for those opportunities to let His light shine through us.

Matthew 5:16 16 

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

We so appreciate all of our volunteers and families. It is fun to see kids grow up but still stay involved. I know we all get pulled in different directions and we have to prioritize different activities. Thank you for prioritizing MX4C!

Blessings, Jason

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Vintage Bike Show and Swap Meet Coming In January

The Potomac Vintage Riders York Swap Meet and Bike show is only 2 months away, so it’s time to mark those calendars for Sunday January 26th 2020.  

Come experience one of the largest shows of its kind in the entire country. 
Photo: D. Larrabee

The Swap Meet/Bike Show runs from 8 am -3:30 pm.  The move to the larger UTZ Arena at the York, PA Fair allowed us to have the largest crowd ever. Well over 2500 people in its second year. This year we will have 20 more vendor spaces within the swap meet. The event attracts vendors from all over the East coast and Midwest and has grown into one of the biggest Swap Meet/Bike show events of the year.

The “Bike Show” organized by the Nick Taylor and the Broomworks crew attracts over 100 of the finest vintage motorcycles and is a huge crowd pleaser. The show is judged, awards custom trophies and also allows you to select the “People’s Choice Award” for best bike.

We will have the Penton Group (John and Jack) with their display and Terry Cunningham returning again to bench race with and sign autographs.  Terry is a four-time AMA Grand National Enduro Champion, ISDE Gold Medalist and AMA Hall of fame inductee. The Pentons, well they need no introduction.

The “Bike Corral” will showcase the vintage bikes for sale. This area is a great success with easy access and ample room for viewing.   

So whether you’re looking for parts to finish a restoration, a new project to start, finding a finished gem to purchase, or just meet up with old friends, it’s all here under one roof.  You won’t want to miss it!!!!

Vendor spots, bike corral and other event information are available from Tommy Grimmel, PVR President.  

Contact Tommy via email at

Make sure you check out the Potomac Vintage Riders while there and ask 
them about their upcoming 2020 race schedule.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Weekend Race Report - 50th Anniversary Blue Gray Race

Last weekend we were back at the legendary Budds Creek MX Park to celebrate the 50th running of the AMA District 7 Blue Gray Motocross Race. The Mid Atlantic Motocross Association (MAMA) who is the sanctioning body for District 7 motocross would be our hosts for the weekend.

The age classes represented well at this years Blue Gray.

Click below to watch our short race recap video then scroll down to see more racing action and find links for photos and results from the event.


Budds Creek is open for practice 7 days a week thru out the winter.

Please follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the details.

Greg Boutwell was recognized for being a 50 year member of AMA District 7.

Boutwell raced to a 7th overall in the 50 plus division.

The 50th Anniversary Cup will be on display at the Broom Factory in Baltimore, MD.

Mason Naecker was this years recipient of the cup.


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Monday, October 14, 2019

Weekend Race Report - Crine Classic and SXCS

What a weekend for racing and celebration at the world famous Budds Creek MX Park in Southern, MD. Racers and fans alike converged here to not only race, but to celebrate the life of a great individual who departed this earth way to soon.

Kevin Crine, a former amateur and pro racer grew up in this neck of the woods racing with AMA District 7 and the MAMA Series. Not only was he a talented racer, but a kind and considerate peer who shared his knowledge and love of the sport with everyone that he came in contact with.

Click below to check out a short video race recap - then scroll down to see more action and link to all images from the event.



CLICK HERE   to learn more about Pro Action Suspension

or give Rees Firestone a call at: 856.204.2195

Racers loved the Moto GP format the SXCS offered on Saturday.

Jed Haines would earn the Iron Man award completing 28 laps in 2 hours 58 minutes.

CLICK HERE  to learn more about this great mid-atlantic series.

Saturday also offered up a Corn Hole tournament for those in attendance. 

The Crine Family and volunteers wanted to thank all those who came out.

The annual memorial lap saw a great show of support and was led by Greg Duffy 

Nitro Circus stunt man and friend of Kevin Crine.


CLICK HERE  to see the full line of No Reverse gear and apparel. 

Md Native Justin Rodbell  (258) would win the top prize in the

Double - Dash for Cash $574 one of Kevins Pro National Numbers.

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Please remember that Budds Creek will be offering open practice 
7 days a week all winter long.

Get all the details on their FB and IG pages.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Round 9 SRT AMA East / Round 10 ECEA HS

Story by: Kenneth Held
Photos: Barry Seppy

10/05/19 Millville, NJ Rd 9 of the SRT-AMA East Hare Scrambles Series.  Hosted by ECEA's Meteor MC.  Over 530 racers came out to play in the dust at the final round of the AMA East HS.  No rain for several weeks contributed to the worst dust anyone in this neck of the woods cared to remember.  Just walking near your car raised enough dust to make you sneeze.  You could see many scrambling for air filter skins and refreshing their current filters prior to each heat.  Many who came to the event on Saturday evening were simply following the dust that could be seen from 2 zip codes away from the youth events.  

On to the racing..... In the main event, taking the holeshot, was Wild Wally Palmer aboard his newly acquired KX.  Wally, back from knee surgery, was suppose to take it easy, so he said.  Behind him was slew of who's who in East Coast racing.  Mike Lafferty actually through his leg over his KTM to give it a whirl.  Unbeknownst them, Kyle McDonal (Beta) and Hunter Bush (YAM) were still jonesing for the highly coveted SRT AMA East #1 plate which was not yet settled.  Back only a few points, Hunter needed to finish a couple of positions ahead of McDonal.  McDonal only needed to finish to take the yr end overall.  McDonal was also nursing 3 broken toes from Oklahoma.  After lap 1, it was Palmer in the lead with Mike Lafferty in pursuit.  Behind him just under a minute, was McDonal.  Keep in mind you could not be directly behind your opponents for long or you would have succumbed to the heavy dust conditions.  After speaking with the top finishers in each heat, there were only a few key locations that you could make a safe and effective pass.  On lap 2, McDonal would make the pass on both Lafferty and Palmer.  At that point McDonal would put it on cruise control.  McDonal is a very smooth racer with the experience to go only as fast as he needs.  In this case, he played it right.  After 2 hours he would take the checkered flag. Settling for second was Palmer and then Justin Lafferty (KTM).  Justin made a pass on his uncle on lap 3 and held that position til the end.  Mike would settle for 4th.  Unfortunately for Bush, he would have to settle for 5th for the day and 2nd for the year.  Justin would finish a strong 3rd.  We congratulate both Kyle McDonal, Hunter Bush and Justin Lafferty for their year long persistence and dedication to the sport. A notable mention goes out to Rachel Gutish, McDonal's Beta Team mate, would bring home the Womens A/B #1 plate as well.  

Top 5

  1. K Mcdonal - Beta
  2. W Palmer - KAW
  3. J Lafferty - KTM
  4. M Lafferty - KTM
  5. H Bush - YAM

In the morning C event The young guns of C-200 and Schoolboy would set the pace.  Josh Klouchek aboard his KTM 150 would start towards the rear of the starting grid in C-200.  This kid likes a challenge.  In rows 2 and 3 would let loose the Schoolboy 1 and 2 Teens.  These kids have no fear and would push from flag to flag.  An early overall lead would be established from SB 1 Remington "The Rock" Platt (KTM).  Platt who was released via row 3 would carve his way through the SB 2 pack Row 2.  Behind him was Team Perfect Storms Kenito Held (SUZ) also from SB 1.  Kenito aboard a 2002 Suzuki RM 125 "Re Build" project bike.  On lap 3 Klouchek, Platt and Held would begin to move both adjusted time and then physically to the front.  On the white flag lap, Klouchek would take the lead and Held would move into 2nd.  This would remain to the end.  

Top Morning C:

  1. J Klouchek - KTM
  2. K Held - SUZ
  3. R Platt - KTM
  4. G Williams - KTM
  5. M Hurley Jr - KTM

In Saturdays youth event, just under 100 youth would line up to do battle in what we would call the talcum challenge.  The Pee Wees and 65's already churned up the Meteor prepped and restored Ormond Farms track, thank you Beeler Equipment Rental.  Who had the advantage here was the 65's racers who were to double tap this event and race both heats.  They had an idea how the track flowed.  Notable mention goes out to Camryn Popek who would podium the Pee Wee and the 65's earlier this day.  Now he was doing the "Tri Zinger" and racing the youth main aboard his YZ 85.  For this event, however, all eyes were on Rock Hound's Caleb Baltimore (HUS),  G-Force Kyle Grenewicz (HON) and Team Perfect Storm's Kenito Held (SUZ).  The 2019 ECEA Overall youth would eliminate one of the above depending on this days results.  What makes this even more interesting is that the O/A  would not come from the front row but from the 2nd row of the fierce 12-13 Super minis.  When the flag dropped it was very hard to tell who took the holeshot in each row.  The dust was something like I have never seen before.  Therefore we will Fast Forward to the 1st lap times.  It was Caleb Baltimore in the lead with Kenito hot on his tail.  Behind them were Grenewicz and 14-16 Super mini racer Cole Hickman.  This would remain as such till the white flag lap.  Kenito was pushing for a final lap pass and was making time but a crash would drop him back to almost 3rd place where he and Grenewicz would start a new battle.  Kenito would hold 2nd til the end.   Grenewicz would secure 3rd which depleted his points lead on Baltimore.  Baltimore now leads by 3 points. Kenito needed a win to stay in contention for the ECEA O/A. This would not happen however he did secure the AMA East HS Class win and Youth O/A. See for class results.    

Top Youth:

  1. C Baltimore - HUS
  2. K Held - SUZ
  3. K Grenewicz - HON
  4. C Hickman - KTM
  5. N Berrier - KTM

Like the Youth Main event, there is an ongoing battle for the Jr 65's O/A.  This is between Carter "Pretzel" Przymelewski (KTM) and young gun Ryder Sigety (YAM).  Each has a terrain advantage. Sigety in the rocks and Pretzel in the sand.  This was Pretzels day.  He would lead from flag to flag.  Sigety did not falter however and finished a solid 3rd.  Sneaking in between the two on lap 3 was Off Road and MX Rockstar Hunter Gardner (YAM).  Hunter has been racing both Hare Scrambles and MX and it shows. 

Top Jrs - 65

  1. C Przemelewski - KTM
  2. H Gardner - YAM
  3. R Sigety - YAM
  4. R Zaccaria - HUS
  5. B Meyers - YAM

The first event of the day were the Pee Wee 50's.  Trust me, there was no shortage in excitement.  The Popek-Zaccaria saga continues.  These two have been battling flag to flag at every event.  Many times the lead will change on the final lap.  Zaccaria had already secured the AMA East 50 O/A at the previous round, however the ECEA top dog is still up for grabs.  Separated by only a few points, this battle will now go to the final round.  Zaccaria would take the win this day with Popek a close 2nd.  Tanner Emmons (KTM) would take 3rd.  Stay tuned.  

Top Pee Wee 50cc

  1. E Zaccaria - HUS
  2. C Popek - COB
  3. T Emmons - KTM
  4. N Oswald - KTM
  5. W Ervin - HON


Kenny Held
AMA Off Road Commissioner
AMA East Hare Scramble Coordinator

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hanging Out at Erie KOA Holiday Campground

We love camping pretty much year round, but camping this time of the year in the North East offers some of the best opportunities to be outdoors that one can imagine. Unfortunately my wife couldn't tag along on this trip due to a new addition to our family and boy did she miss out.

Working in the industry we find ourselves very fortunate to stay at a lot of great properties around the region. I was thrilled however when I got the opportunity to spend a full day and night at the Erie KOA Holiday in Erie, Pa. especially this time of the year where the temperatures are near perfect and the parks aren't super crowded.

This KOA has been a "Presidents Award" winner for many years running.

First of all I have never been to this area of our state and secondly, as much as we love all types of camping it seems the more the years go by, the more we enjoy the beauty of the log cabin in the woods. I don't know if its the atmosphere it offers, or the lack of campsite set up but my wife and I love when we get the opportunity to stay in a comfy cabin anywhere in the great outdoors.

These cabins face the fishing and paddle boat lake.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped offering lots of privacy between cabins.

This KOA offers 28 different cabins offering something for every size party and budget.

RV sites are situated on the opposite side of the lake so everyone can share in its serenity. 

Tee Pee anyone - set up on decks and lake side.

In addition to the 28 cabins you'll find both back in and pull thru RV sites along with clamping tee pees and primitive tent sites. The KOA Holiday is children and adult friendly alike offering something for everyone and is conveniently located close to two major highways. Free Wi Fi was available too.

A kids playground lets them spend their time outdoors and having fun.

The heated pool and hot tub and large pavilion offer lots of great summertime activities.

There's a fully stocked campground store and ice and propane are available on site.

Pull thru sites make it easier to accommodate larger rigs with more being added.

All RV sites offer water, sewer and electric hookups.

Beautiful Lake Erie and Presque Isle State Park are less than 10 miles away 
and offer a safe haven for swimming, boating, and fishing.

I had a great time staying with the friendly staff in Erie. As I mentioned, it was quiet and clean and very peaceful this time of year. The lake there and the surroundings just make you feel at ease. You could see the pride in ownership at this park and it was a joy to visit, even though my bride couldn't join me. I would highly recommend you give them a try.

Give them a call at 814.476.7706  or  Click Here to make your reservation now!!

Open Mid April to Mid October

Erie KOA Holiday
6645 West Rd.
McKean, Pa 16426

The owners of this property are ready to retire after many successful years in business here. If you or anyone you know is looking to live the outdoor lifestyle or invest in a growing industry please click the link below our logo or contact us directly.

Jim Bull