Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekend Race Report - MDRA Race Series Opener

What a way to kick off the 2020 racing season with the MDRA hosting round #1 at Pleasure Valley Raceway, home of the Travis Pastrana Pro Challenge. As you all know this years racing has been delayed due to the Covid 19 but as you can see below, the racers were ready to go.

Please watch our short video race recap below - then scroll down to link to all images and results from the weekend.

The weekend kicked off with a practice day on Saturday with 450 entries filling the gates for Sundays racing action. The weather held and the racing was red hot. keep scrolling to link to all images and complete results from the weekend. 

The 65cc gates were loaded with Zane Martin below grabbing the 65 B win.

Jude Smerlick (above) would take three class wins on the day.

48 250 C racers came to compete at Round 1 - Kaleb Weller (111) beats them all. 

The expert racing was red hot - scroll down to check the results.

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Round # 2 MDRA Race Series - May 23-24, 2020 at Doublin Gap MX


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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cure for the common cold - get outside and ride!!

What a difference a day out in @thepawilds with Mother Nature can make. I know my wife and I were getting a case of "cabin fever" with all the recent goings on and we had been patiently waiting to go ride our side by side and the chance finally came.

With the North Central part of Pennsylvania going from Red to Yellow last week we loaded up our machine, booked a room at the Knob Hill Motel and away we went. The weather was still cold and it was snowy and rainy, but we just didn't care. We were getting a chance to ride in our favorite destination and nothing was going to hold us back.

We got to our cabin on late Saturday just outside of Galeton, Pa where we buckled down with a good meal and some couple time to plan our ride for the following day. We had many options for destinations from our starting point, but hadn't ridden for so long we weren't sure in which direction we wanted to travel. 

We are looking for our own little piece of Gods Country and being a realtor from the area I knew of a few parcels for sale between Galeton and Cross Forks that we've been wanting to see so it made our decision pretty obvious, to Cross Forks it would be. 

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After viewing a 40 acre parcel just south of Germania we stopped by the above cabin that was for sale down near Carter Camp. The view of this seven acre parcel from the cabins deck gave us "the wants" and something to talk about as we headed further south for a bite to eat.

After stopping at Debs Cross Fork Inn for some delicious carry out food we journeyed on enjoying the sunshine and the piece of mind that you can only find while out here in the wilds. Later in the day we talked about how nice it was to spend five hours in the buggy and not look at our devices and be glued to the situation that's currently going on around us.

Views like above are numerous along the North Central Trail System that the Central Mountains ATV Association (CMATVA) has been working at diligently for years to develop. This system is a work in progress and currently offers just under 1000 legal miles of trail to ride Potter, Tioga and Clinton Counties, the goal is 1700 miles.  

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As I mentioned our ride would last about five hours on this day and cover just under 75 miles ending back at the Gods Country Snowmobile Club Trail Head. We really weren't ready to stop but knew we would be returning to ride in two weeks with the CMATVA.

If you love to ride and love the outdoors and are forever in search for that cure for the "cabin fever" then come ride with us. No matter what's going on in the world, there is never a better time to get out and socialize and enjoy all that God's created.  I spoke with an 80 year old couple on one of our rides last year and they asked us to never stop pushing for their rights to ride. That it was the only way they had left to get out and enjoy all that our great state has to offer. 

Click Here to Join

If you want more information on joining the association, or info on where you can ride, just click the link under the logo above. The CMATVA rides twice a month, every month and no rider ever gets left behind. The yearly fee is less than two tickets to a movie and the fun you'll have is never ending. So we hope to see you out on the trail. Our next ride is Memorial Day weekend departing from the Potter County Family Campground, join now and join the fun.

You never now what you'll find around the next bend. 

Check Out Star Country Tours - Powered by:

Call or Text - 717.951.5620

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Be Ready To Breakout When Summer Hits

Hey everyone, hope you are all fairing well during our 2020 Co-Vid 19 Spring Break. I wanted to check in and let you know that I'm not sure when we can get back to it - but I wanted to encourage you to be ready for when we do get back to it.

I'm sure you are all as ready as I am to get back out there and do your thing, whether it be racing or spectating or some other type of physical activity. One thing I am pretty sure about is that the heat is coming, and now is a great time while we're down for you to prepare yourself for that.

Yes, go out and ride if you can, work out around the house and get your body ready for the extreme change in activity and temperatures that is coming. One of the best things you can do for your body, not only for conditioning, but to fight germs is to get hydrated and stay hydrated. 

Lucky for us all - I can offer you one of the best products on the planet to do so; I've been using this product for three years now and many of my racers friend can attest to its performance as well.

Replenish With More Than Just Water

Whether you’re playing sports, traveling, spending time outdoors, or going about your day, your body is always losing vital fluid, nutrients, and minerals. And get this: Adults’ bodies are 60% water, and kids’ are 70%, so it’s important to hydrate and replenish with beverages that don’t have excess calories and sugar. Although these are plentiful in today’s high-convenience world, choose beverages that provide functional ingredients that contribute to the daily intake of important vitamins and minerals.

We know that making sure everyone in the family gets enough fluids can be a chore. In addition to drinking enough water, it would be helpful to find one solution that supports daily hydration for the whole family and busy, active lifestyles.

AMPED™ Hydrate is perfect for adults and great for kids. Made with a superfruit blend, it provides, vitamins and minerals, along with the electrolyte replenishment you need in your new favorite daily mix!

Below compare what Isagenix has done with its new reformulated  Amped Hydrate:

As you can see Amped Hydrate offers a low calorie, sugar free way to give your body the electrolytes and Hydration it needs - at around a $1.00 per serving it can't be beat. So get your body ready now - so when its go time, you'll be ready. 

Click under the logo below for nutrition and ordering information.

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Friends, I know with the gym and track shutdowns its been tough to get a good workout lately. If your looking for a virtual workout that will definitely build your cardio and endurance, then click the link below to work out with my friend Wayne Mutata from I Train Studios - he's been ranked #1 personal trainer in Lancaster, Pa - see you at the track. 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Destination Winter Ride with the CMATVA

A beautiful, crisp February morning found us back in the area known as The PA Wilds to do more destination riding with the Central Mountains ATV Association (CMATVA). On this day we would have 60 machines with over 80 riders come out to participate in this popular activity that is growing among the residents of PA and the surrounding states.

This ride caught me off guard as I rolled in to the Quiet Oaks Campground in Clinton County, Pa to prepare for the ride. I've rode with this club now for close to three years and I would guess on average we have 25-35 machines come out for a township road ride like this. Not on this day, was it the weather, do people have cabin fever or is it because of the efforts being made to expand riding opportunities in the state and the growing demand for people who want to get outside and ride?

We departed from Cross Fork and headed North into Potter County where after about an hour on the trail we made our first stop at the Germania Store for supplies and anyone who needed to fuel up for the upcoming journey.

The store offers fuel, supplies, a potty stop and serves up breakfast and lunch from their cafe there. They also have an ice cream bar that we'll take advantage of come summer and they do have rooms for rent if you're looking for a cozy place to stay right on the trail system.

As you can see from the images above and below that trail conditions can vary greatly this time of year. On our 100 mile ride through three counties we encountered everything from dusty dirt roads, to snowy trail conditions and in some spots icy roads. That's one of the beauties of riding with the club, we travel at a safe pace, we have spotters in lead, mid pack and rear positions and help is always around. No one gets left behind if an emergency situation pops up out on the trail. 

From there we headed east into the Tioga County region where wildlife is abundant and our lunch buffet was waiting. By now we were about three hours into our ride and the weather was starting to warm up nicely.

We had about an hour break for lunch where we had time to socialize with our fellow club members and leave some money behind to help support the local economy. Burgers and fries where on the menu for today.

Here at another trail break on our way back to our starting point in the Kettle Creek Watershed riders take a rest in front of one of the signs posted along all legal riding areas. The CMATVA in cooperation with the DCNR and local townships mark all the riding areas to keep people on track. We have close to 1000 miles of legal riding in this region and its imperative that we "stay on the trail"

If you're interested in group riding, learning your way around the region or just supporting the cause of getting more riding area open then we ask you to consider joining our club, or any other club in the state for that matter. Through joint efforts there are many others out the working to get riding open in their neck of the woods. After all, we all have the same goal in mind and with our North Central Pa Initiative the goal is 1700 miles of legal riding connecting much of Pa with the NY border.


If you're interested please  CLICK HERE  to learn more about the ATV Initiative here in the state of Pa to get more legal riding trails open and how its benefiting the local communities economies. Below also find an opportunity for you to help that costs you know more than 3 minutes of you're time. The DCNR is accepting emails about how we feel about riding in Pa and if we need more trails. We have a simple message you can copy and paste into an email to do your part. We thank all who participate.


Proposed Changes on the Way for Riding ATV's on State Forest Trails

Pennsylvania considers adding more ATV riding trails through state forests. 

They will seek public comment through March 27th. 

Please copy and paste the below message and email to:

Thank you for holding this open forum to investigate public opinion on ATV Trail Openings.
My family and I continue to ride and we support the DCNR in opening state forest lands and forestry roads for ATV use to increase the riding mileage in our state.
We clearly see the economic impact that is happening in the region and understand what it could bring to the area with more trail miles being made available.
ATV riders have proven they can be responsible, and many are an older demographic which brings more expendable income, including mine.
With the lack of snow in recent years and the ability to ride ATV's year-round we would request access to the many more miles of snowmobile trails available in the region to be dual usage with ATV's
Also access to state forest roads like Lyman Run Rd that could connect riders to the Potato City area and on to the northern side of US Rte. 6 when the seasonal trails are closed at Lyman Run. forest roads could also be used as connector roads to other ATV trails and legal roads.
This would lead to more year-round riding opportunities and more economic impact in an area that desperately needs it that time of the year.
We thank you for all you've done and ask that you continue to do more - we as taxpayers enjoy access to our lands.

Partial map of current trail system - Click Here to see all current and proposed trails.


Click Here  to learn more and join the fun. A family membership is only $20 a year.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Motorama 2020 - Brapp Mag Race Report

What a show and I say that every year - but honestly, what a show. The 42nd Annual Motorama Events Races and Show went down in Harrisburg, Pa on February 15-16th to a another full house of vendors, racers and spectators.

I mean really, where else can you go in Mid February and find a Motorsports gathering like this? For the cost of admission you can witness a packed stadium cheering on their favorite arenacross racers or you can get a great pre season deal on parts, apparel and accessories. You can watch everything from RC Car racing to go karts and Robot Conflict, see custom and classic cars and bikes, you can hear music, attend beauty pageants, eat great overpriced food and get your fix on in the middle of winter - for the 42nd year in a row. Did I mention - what a show and who else has done that?

Keep reading to link to great action photos from the weekend and race results....


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The pit bike racing is always a big hit at Motorama.

Velocity Cycles launched their brand at Motorama.

The vendors always bring great deals to the show.

Broc Conley #27 chose Motorama to be his first race ever.


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Five Star Powersports

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The Dash For Cash races are always red hot - keep scrolling to see who won.

Our Trike video from the event was the most popular by three fold. 

The quads always have a great showing at Motorama. 

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But Keep Scrolling for high quality racing images.

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Click Here  to see racing images from Tony C.

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Click Here  to see all upcoming schedules for 2020 from our recent issue of Brapp Magazine.

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