Thursday, March 14, 2019

Come Ride With Us In Pennsylvania

I've been riding in the dirt now for nearly 50 years. Up to just a few short years ago, my entire life has been spent riding on two wheels or covering two wheeled competition events as a moto journalist.

Over 60 club members participated in our recent Hobo Soup Ride at Bloody Skillet

Most recently however our family has discovered the fun and adventure in OHV or UTV / ATV riding, especially in what I call "destination riding". It takes me back to my child hood where you could just open the garage door and go, the days gone by where you could spend a day riding and actually go somewhere, can anybody else relate?

Last year we joined and got involved with the Central Mountains ATV Association and I'm so glad we did. I became aware of this group due to my event coverage work in the Motorcycle and ATV industry and I knew they were making great strides in helping “open up” riding areas in the state of Pennsylvania and we wanted to learn more about that.

It was here that we did our first "destination riding" in many years and we were hooked instantly.

Our first long distance ride with the group on New Years Eve - 2018

Our first big journey with the group took place New Year’s Eve of 2018 when we covered 90 miles in three-degree weather to ring in the new year. We departed the Quiet Oaks Campground in Clinton County at 7 pm that night, stopped for dinner at Debs Cross Fork Inn and ended up riding in three different Pennsylvania counties before we returned to our cabin rental to thaw out by midnight- what a blast, literally.

Last Labor Day weekend we wanted to introduce more of our family to the experience, so we invited our daughter and her son along who celebrated his 7th birthday with his first side by side ride in the great outdoors of Potter County Pa that is also known as Gods Country.

Our destination ride wasn't as long that weekend as it is on some others. Number one we were introducing a young seven-year-old to his first off road experience, and number two, he knew there were gifts waiting for him back at the cabin. 

Riding with the family last Labor Day weekend in Potter County.

From our location at the Potter County Family Campground we could have picked a few different destinations to travel too but as I mentioned on this day we were out for a short trip. We loaded up our Yamaha Wolverine X4 and headed for Lyman Run State Park.

There are over 40 miles of trails between the campground and the State Park where you and your family could spend the day doing any number of great family outdoor activities. The park offers swimming from a sandy beach, canoe rentals, fishing, hiking, a snack bar and the best part, it's available from any number of locations from around a tri county area in your OHV vehicle.

As I mentioned we could have chosen many directions that weekend to ride. We could have headed north towards Genesee and the NY State line, we could have headed east and enjoyed a great dinner at any number of good restaurants in Tioga County or we could have headed further south from Lyman Lake towards Cross Forks in Clinton County.

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As a matter of fact with the Fiscal codes that Governor Wolf has recently signed by spring of 2020 we’ll have a connector trail in Renovo, Pa that connects the Bloody Skillet to the Whiskey Springs State Trail system and by spring of 2024 law dictates that the DCNR and Penn Dot need to work together to have legal trail from Clinton County the whole way to the NY State Line. Even as we speak many townships upstate are opening their areas to OHV riding to help bolster their economies which is great news for us.

As these different groups work together our trail system continues to grow. At this printing we have very close to 700 miles of legal riding in central to upstate Pa and within the next five years that mileage will double.

As you can see the fun is endless here and there is nothing like getting your family out in nature to leave the hustles and bustles of daily living behind. Please subscribe to our blog or our newsletter at: if you'd like to learn more and keep up with the many Outdoorz adventures that we plan to embark on.  

You can also check out the North Central ATV Initiative at: for more info and detailed riding maps.

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After we arrived home from our trip, I asked a young man who celebrated his 7th birthday in the Pa Wilds what his favorite part of the weekend was. I was expecting this gift or that, maybe the Foxes Pizza we found in Galeton or the new friends he played tag with from the cabin next door.
Nope, it was none of that - he simply said, riding the side by side pap.

One of our monthly group rides - this one was summer 2018 at the AOAA

Click the link below the above image to get more details on the CMATVA

About the Central Mountains ATV Association (CMATVA):

CMATVA is a 1700 plus member not for profit association who is always looking for new members interested in all the fun and excitement our club has to offer. We are a group dedicated to help provide and protect riding areas in our state and beyond. We ride twice a month every month and we would love to have you join us. Come ride with us and never ride alone again.

Our Mission Statement
1.)   Abide by Federal, State, Local Laws and Ordinances.
2.)   Promote A fraternal Spirit among All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) riders and other outdoor enthusiasts.
3.)   Promote the development and enhancement of ATV Riding Trails for the Benefit of all ATV riders.
4.)   Help Development of Tourism in Pennsylvania Wilds by developing programs and working with both the community and state leaders.
5.)   Defend ATV’ers against discriminatory legislation, regulations and unfair taxation by working with legislators.
6.)   Provide a medium for the Exchange of information and ideas among ATV Enthusiasts.
7.)   Provide sources of ATV Training and Education for both young and old enthusiasts as well as the general public.
8.)   Promote and support the preservation and protection of our natural resources through responsible ATV riding.
9.)   Make donations to and support local area causes/charities as deemed appropriate.

10.) Operate as a non-profit organization with no portion of the net profits benefiting any individual member.

Please find more info or join the association at:

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Round 2 of the SRT - AMA East Hare Scrambles Championship Series

03/03/19 Garysburg, NC  

Round 2 of the SRT - AMA East Hare Scrambles Championship Series was hosted by VXCS.  Its getting to the point where I don't know how to start a race report without using the term "Rain Soaked Track".  

Kyle McDonal takes the win and the Series points lead.

I almost want to take the year off but I (we) continue to show up at these events and race.  Recent cancellations at nearby series the week prior and throughout the area have many scratching their heads "When is this rain going to stop?"  

2018 was probably one of the muddiest seasons I have ever participated in and all indication thus far appear to demonstrate same.  VXCS and a small group of visiting volunteers did their best to re-route many of the affected areas as Friday night delivered another 1" of rain.  All 3 of the heats ran an abbreviated course as did the quads on Saturday.  

The main event was a combination of the A, B and C riders.  There was no shortage of both visiting and local AA talent.  The event started slightly behind schedule and after the 1st lap it was Kyle McDonal with the lead.  Hole Shotter Hunter Bush would get stuck in a mud hole on 1st lap and would give up the lead.  Fortunately for Kyle and Beta, the two would find the perfect combination of lines and he delivered one of the best rides that we have seen to date.  

Close behind Kyle was Gary Enman on his Yamaha doing his best to keep McDonal in his sights.  Behind Enman was KTM's Justin Lafferty and Yamaha mounted Matthew Davis.  This would continue for several laps until Justin would have a mechanical issue and drop him back a few positions.  Fellow AA's Hunter Bush and Tanner Way fell victim to poor line selection and the "NC CAR Quick Sand" that was spread out along the track.  At the mid way point Bush would start to make a comeback charge for the A top 3 and it was paying off.  On the White Flag lap he would surface in 2nd place with Matthew Davis taking the consistency award in 3rd.  After the two hour mark this is how they would finish.  Kyle now takes an early lead in the AMA East points standings. 

Griere Moir takes the youth O/A win.

Earlier in the day the Youth event would showcase 40 brave kids who would do there best to adapt to what was coming their way.  All efforts for re-routing would not alleviate all the mud holes and slippery bridge crossings.  After the 1st lap it was quite apparent that the Overall was not coming from the front 14-16 Super mini line but from the 12-13 Super Mini line. 

KTM racer Griere Moir and Team Perfect Storm's Suzuki Kenito Held would battle from flag to flag with 10 second faster lap times then the rest of the field.  They would exchange the 12-13 SM lead several times and eventually make their way through the front line.  

Trying to hold them off was Kawasaki mounted Zach Stoe.  Zach did his best to hold them off but politely let them by.  Zach then tucked in behind them and enjoyed the show.  In the end it was Moir, Held and Stoe.  Many kudos to the parents who spread out along the track to assist these kids through the troubled spots.  

In the morning the 50cc would run for 45 minutes in a similar course as the Youth and they did so extremely respectable.  The top dog on this day is MX racer turned Off Road Camryn Popek aboard his Fun Factory Racing Cobra.  Behind him was local racer Carson Shelton aboard his dad prepped KTM.  Fellow FFR Cobra Gabe Molinari did his best to keep pace with his team mate Popek but would have to settle for 3rd.  Great job by all the racers and the racing community for coming together under such adverse conditions.

Kenny Held
AMA Off Road Commissioner
AMA East Hare Scramble Coordinator

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Round 1 - SRT - AMA East Hare Scramble Series

02-17-19 Union, SC 
Rd 1 of the SRT-AMA East Hare Scrambles Series hosted by Mid East Racing was an incredible event.  Attendance was high regardless of the less then stellar weather conditions.  Lower than average temperatures, winds and rain did not affect the professionalism of the Mid East Racing rank and file. 

In the main event 14 Pro's and 20 AA's line up on Row 1 and 2 respectively.  There was certainly no shortage of talent.  The track itself was a mix of grass track, slick tight woods, abrupt elevation changes and high speed connectors.

What makes this event extremely competitive is that many of the GNCC Racers hit this event as a warm up for their Rd 1 the following weekend.  Make no mistake, this event delivered equal quality.  This was also Rd 1 of the AMA East which attracts many racers from the North.  When the flag dropped HSQ mounted Bollinger with a narrow holeshot and he would quickly establish a 30 second lead at midway point on lap 1.

Running in second position was Johnson aboard his Kawasaki.  A few seconds back from him was Yamaha's Ricky Russell.  Just outside the top 3 was Honda's Austin Lee.  Making a surprise attack was, dare I say it, YZ125 Yamaha mounted Evan Earl.  Evan had that 125 screaming and gaining ground.

At the mid point Bollinger would continue his 1st place momentum.  The race was now focused on the top AA's.  Local racer Taylor Johnson  was to face off against the AMA East's regular Mike Beeler Jr. and NYOA's Mike Delosa.  The 3 were never out of the top 5.  Back in the Pro Class Bollinger would establish a + minute lead over 2nd place Russell and 3rd place Lee.  This is how they would finish.

Back in the AA's, on the white flag lap Johnson, who was in the lead, would have some difficulty in the dreaded Mid East "Hogwaller" section allowing Beeler to make the pass. Johnson eventually got going again but Beeler would take the lead to the checkers. Johnson would have to settle for 2nd place. Delosa would settle for 4th behind Josh Lee who made a dramatic push from 11th place to 3rd, WOW!

Earlier we reported that Johnson had run out of fuel but we must retract as it was Zach Davidson who was running a solid 3rd who ran out of gas. Davidson would settle for 9th.

Bollinger wins the Main at Round #1

Main Event top 10
  1. Trevor Bollinger HSQ
  2. Ricky Russell YAM
  3. Jonathan Johnson KAW
  4. Austin Lee HONDA
  5. Evan Earl YAM
  6. Kyle McDonal BETA 
  7. Brody Johnson YAM
  8. Michael Beeler Jr KTM - Top AA
  9. Anthony Federico YAM
  10. Taylor Johnson YAM

In the Morning Event it was the Women's A/B that would steal the show.  They netted 1st and 2nd Overall.   Becca Sheets would take the lead on lap 1 but Tricker was right behind her.  At no time were they ever more then a few seconds apart.  This was the battle.  Tricker would take over the lead on lap 2 and hold it for the 1:45 minute event.  Sheets would settle for 2nd back less then 30 seconds.  Rounding out the podium was A Super Senior David James.  Top C racer in the morning adult event would be Canon Kudeff who just finished winning the Youth event.  

Morning Event Top 5 OA
  1. Mackenzie Tricker
  2. Becca Sheets
  3. David James
  4. Rachel Guttish
  5. Kendall Lafollette
Morning Event Top 5 C-Riders
  1. Canon Kuneff
  2. Benedict Donadio
  3. Ben Thomason
  4. Steve Falzone
  5. Wyatt Keisler

In the Youth Event there was no shortage of technical terrain.  They would run a similar course as the Morning Adult Race.  The 7 mile technical trail would test ability and endurance.  Several water holes and deep ruts were present on the 1st lap.  You really had to scan ahead for the best lines.  It was no surprise that 14-16 Super Mini racer and local favorite Canon Kuneff would take the early lead and just hammer down to the finish.  This kid always rides in control but does it very fast.  Watch for him in the near future.  He later took the top C position in the Morning adult race.  

Top 5 Youth Event
  1. Canon Kuneff
  2. Drew Calloway
  3. Gage Etheridge
  4. Ayden Myers
  5. Prestin Haines
Pee Wees Top 5

Maddox Moretz
Nash Peerson
Ethan Harwell
Colby Goodman
Trent Gaines

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Kenny Held
AMA Off Road Commissioner
AMA East Hare Scramble Coordinator

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Weekend Race Report - Motorama 2019

The 41st Annual Motorama Events races and shows stormed into Harrisburg, Pa last weekend and just as billed - is the greatest show on earth. The pioneers of Arenacross racing in America pulled off another awesome event to the 50,000 plus attendees on hand.

Check out our video race recap below then scroll down to get some details from the weekend and link to pictures and results from the show.

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The pit bike racing is always a hit at Motorama.

The trike Exhibition is another crowd favorite.

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There are vendors from all aspects of Motorsports at the show.

The quads always have a strong presence at Motorama.

Click Here  to check out one of the largest dealers from the area.

John Natalie dominated the Pro Quad Racing at Motorama.

Justin Rodbell (258) won all 10 races he entered dominating the expert bike divisions.

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Click Here  to get all the details for the 7th Annual Kevin Crine Classic.

Tony C was on hand grabbing the high quality images from Motorama.

Find him on IG at:   @Tonyc693 and FB at: Tony Camaioni

Check out more shots like this from Rob Harris from the event.

Find him on FB at:  GMP Images

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Monday, January 28, 2019

PVR Annual Swap Meet and Bike Show

Every January the Potomac Vintage Riders bring their annual gathering to the York, Pa fairgrounds and year after year this show continues to grow. Working as one, the AHRMA Mid Atlantic Cross Country Series teams up with the gang from the Mid Atlantic Vintage Bikes at the Broom Factory to put on this great off season event.

The bike show features some of the sweetest vintage iron on the planet.

Folks come from far and wide to find an old bike to restore or 
those hard to find parts from days gone by.

The legend himself John Penton was on hand to sign autographs for show goers.

Womens Pro motocross racer Cheyenne McGuin was on hand to sign autographs as well.
She finished a solid third in her first year as a Pro.

My favorite street ride from the show - Brapp.
1984 Yamaha RZ350 - Liquid Cooled Two Stroke Street Banger.

Bob Litwin wins the People Choice Award 
with his 1970 Hodaka Super Rat - 100cc 5 speed
Both Brad Lackey and Chuck Sun raced one back in the day.

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or would like to learn more about this great race series.

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