Monday, July 8, 2019

Tough Like RORR - Weekend Race Report

Are you tough enough - 180 riders thought they were as they registered to compete in the 5th Annual Reading Off Road Riders "Tough Like RORR" event this past weekend near Tamaqua, Pa.

The main event saw 60 male riders compete with over 20 not even completing one of the 17 mile laps. Earlier in the day, seven brave women competed in the abbreviated course for the girls and although beaten battered and bruised, they all crossed the finish line with smiles on their faces.

Check out the short video race recap below then scroll down to link to images and results for the weekend.


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The 5th Annual "Tough Like RORR" offered a $16,000 plus payout.

Seven hard core ladies came out and completed the event.

Taylor Johnston would win the overall.

combineol - Cumulative Race Times by Place
PlaceRider#AMA#Rider NameClubSponsorsBrandClassLapsTotalTime
19032090341TAYLOR JOHNSTONTrail Jesters, KTM, FMFKTMWomen11:52:11
29062087598HEATHER COSNERYAMWomen12:51:54
49042958589AMANDA KNAPPDunlop, Leatt, SPY, Twin Air, ProTaperKTMWomen12:52:09
59012301927MORGAN ELRICKDunlop, Acerbis, Leatt, 100%,KTMWomen12:52:11
69054076647JULIE BARONIKTMWomen12:52:13

Factory Sherco rider Wade Young would dominate the event grabbing a cool $5K for the win.

Famous Reading Outdoors was the site for the event.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Round 5 of the SRT-AMA East Hare Scramble Series.

06/29-30/2019 Three Springs, PA

500 Racers came through the gate for round 5 of the SRT-AMA East Hare Scramble Series.  Hosted by Green Marble Enduro Riders (GMER), this was a triple sanctioned event which paid points in ECEA and AMA Dist 6.  These events tend to draw the best racers in the area.  

This weekend was no different.  The location: "Rocket Raceway", which is a local favorite for Hare Scramblers.  A mix of MX, Grass Track, Carting Roads and Tight Trails.  Additionally there is no bad seat in the house for spectating.  You can virtually watch 30% of the event from the hillside.  This is a lot for a Hare Scramble. 

In the Main Event, 155 Racers including 9 AA's, would line up for perfect race conditions.  Some rain the day before would apply the perfect amount of watering.  Temperatures were sitting in the high 80's.  The uphill start and quickly descending straightaway which would then turn into another uphill.  From there the racers would enter a novice MX track and then head into the 1st woods section to traverse a 7.5 mile course.  

When the flag dropped it was Ryder Lafferty with Mike Beeler Jr in tow.  The 2 would stay in sight of each other for the 1st lap and leave the rest of the AA's behind.  Beeler would make a mistake on the 2nd lap which would allow Lafferty to pull away.  Making a 3rd lap charge was last years #1 plate holder and this years current points leader Kyle McDonal.  

McDonal would hold down the fort in 3rd for several laps forcing Beeler to stay on the pipe.  Beeler also just coming back from a collar bone break and changing strokes from a 125 to a 4 banger.  On the white flag lap it was Lafferty with a 2 minute lead over Beeler.  McDonal would then find himself in a battle with local favorite Hunter Bush.  Unfortunately for Bush he would need another lap to make the pass.  Unfortunately none were available.  He finished 4 seconds behind Mcdonal. 


  1. Lafferty - KTM
  2. Beeler - KTM
  3. McDonal - Beta

In the Morning C Event, 200 up and coming racers would prepare to hit a 6.5 mile course for 90 minutes.  Even though it was 10:00 AM, it was already at 85 degrees and extremely humid.  Many racers were hydrating on the start line and very few ventured out without a hydration pack.  The early leaders came from the SB 1 and 2 classes.  SB 2 racer, William Holmes would hammer down and establish an early lead.  Not far behind was SB 1 racer Griere Moir. In 3rd position for most of the race was Austin Seth aboard his Mt Holly KTM. 

  1. Holmes - KTM
  2. Moir - KTM
  3. Seth - KTM

In Saturdays Youth Main 14-16 Super Mini racer Brayden Nolette would take a break from his GNCC tour and came out to wow the crowd aboard his Trail Jesters prepped KTM 105.  Nolette would finish the race with 6 minutes to spare.  2nd Overall would go to 12-13 Super Mini racer Griere Moir and 3rd Overall would go to 12-13 Super Mini Caleb Baltimore.  

  1. Nolette - KTM
  2. Moir - KTM
  3. Baltimore - HUS

In the Juniors event it was a street brawl between the top 5.  These kids are the real deal.  From when the flag dropped it was Carter Pretzel taking an early lead with Rocco Zaccaria and Hunter Gardner banging bars for 3rd.  These kids raced for 1.5 hours in the worse conditions of the weekend.  Heavy rains actually delayed the start 1/2 hour.  The track was fast and slick.  Many were face planting and low siding in the greasy conditions.  Zaccaria, who was riding strong for the 1st few laps, would fall victim to the humid temps and drop back to 4th.  The surprise of the day was Ryder Sigety who would have a dead last start and carve his way through the pack into 2nd by the 5th lap.  Przemelewski, who thought he had a comfortable lead, would see Sigety in his rear view mirror and had to find his 2nd wind to hold him off.  All the while Gardner would pass Zaccaria going into the white flag lap.  In the end it was Przemelewski, Sigety and Gardner.

  1. Przemelewski - KTM
  2. Sigety - YAM
  3. Gardner - YAM

The 50cc Pee Wee had no shortage of action.  New to the class, Tanner Emmons would take his Mt Holly KTM 50 to the top spot.  This was his 1st time on the center podium for the Sr 50's.  Enzo Zaccaria had a the Hole Shot and the early lead but could not hold off Emmons.  Enzo would settle for 2nd.  Camryn Popek was running as high as 2nd but would settle for 3rd in the end.
  1. Tanner Emmons - KTM
  2. Enzo Zaccaria - HUS
  3. Popek - Cobra

Kenny Held
AMA Off Road Commissioner
AMA East Hare Scramble Coordinator

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Weekend Race Report - MAMA vs MDRA Shootout

659 racers came out to do battle in the extreme heat at Tomahawk MX last weekend for this 4th annual shootout event.  The Tomahawk track was rough and proved the perfect setting for just such an event. Gate drop after gate drop saw racers give their all to gather those precious championship points to determine an overall winner and bragging rights for another year.

Cooper Gordan (16) would be the man to beat in the novice divisions.

Check out the short video recap below to get more details then scroll down to link to images from all classes and results for the weekend.


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Amanda Brown (29) was in the house to win the Womens division.

Nathan Dulaney (85) wins 125 C against 29 entries.


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Owen Caldwell races to the win in 85 (12-15) C.

Kenny Blackwell wins 50 plus on Saturday.


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Bert Schulteis wins 50 Plus MDRA sporting his Timex and glove free.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Weekend Race Report - RORR Harescramble

Fathers day weekend the racers of the ECEA and AMA District 6 descended on the coal hills just outside the town of Tamaqua, Pa. This annual event hosted by the Reading Off Road Riders (RORR) is always a crowd favorite.

(12-15) 85 cc racers battle in the first turn - Grenewicz #245 grabs the win.

Check out the short video race recap below then scroll down to link to images and results from the event.


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Brody Haugh races to the win in (4-6) 50cc Liquid Cooled.

Landyn Dalmasso leads the (4-6) 50cc Air Cooled to the checkers. 

Addison Platt wins (7-11) Jr. Girls.

Branden Langley grabs his first O/A win ever in the Youth Division.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

2019 CMATVA - Cruise for a Cure

9th Annual BMC - CMATVA Cruise for a Cure
Riders Raise Money for Cancer Patients
June 8, 2019
Renovo, Pa
By: Jim Bull –

Nine years ago, the Relay for Life Team from the Bucktail Medical Center teamed up with the Central Mountains ATV Association (CMATVA) looking for an “out of the box” way to raise money for cancer patients and cancer research.
Hence the Renovo ATV Cruise for a Cure was born and over the years has raised close to $75,000 that comes right back to local people who are both fighting and have survived cancer.

Riders Line Up to Start The 2019 Cruise for a Cure

I learned in speaking with Tim Reeves, the CEO for Bucktail Medical Center, that their facility which was founded in 1909 is not only the local hospital for the residents of both Renovo and South Renovo but is also a Critical Access Hospital which is a designation given to rural hospitals that meet guidelines to receive certain benefits, such as cost-based reimbursement for Medicare services.
Mr. Reeves explained that their Relay for Life team that was started by local cancer survivors was looking for a different type of fundraiser when they stumbled across the CMATVA who was looking for additional opportunities to help open riding areas in the state.

State officials participate in the 2019 Cruise.

The two groups teamed up for what has become the largest fundraiser that the Relay for Life Team sponsors each year. “That first year we had 60 riders,” explained Reeves. Due to the CMATVA’s involvement and the support of the local community the event has grown tremendously. He also wanted to thank the DCNR and the local fire companies and landowners for cooperating and opening the town and sections of trail to ATV traffic that would not otherwise be allowed.

 Riders enjoy lunch prepared by the local Boy Scout Troop at Quiet Oaks Campground.

The Cruise for a Cure is a 50 mile controlled guided trail ride that starts in downtown Renovo and South Renovo and travels to the Quiet Oaks Campground in Tamarack, Pa. (Near Cross Fork) There, Boy Scout Troop 137 offered a catered lunch to help raise money for the cause before riders traveled an alternate route back to Renovo to enjoy a Chicken BBQ dinner at the Renovo Fire Company that was included in their donation for the ride.

Riders take a break while out on the trail.

In 2019 – 216 machines participated plus passengers. I didn’t have final numbers prior to this writing but I’d bet we had close to 400 total participants. One big treat for this year’s ride was the involvement from the DCNR. Both DCNR Secretary Cindy Dunn and John Norbeck the Deputy Secretary for the Parks and Forestry Service rode along to get a “real feel” for what we love to do. Both have been and continue to be instrumental in helping get trails opened here in Pa. We thank you for participating in the ride and all that you are doing to help the cause of getting both Pa residents and non-residents out in the Wilds of Pennsylvania.

Sandy and Floyd from Friedens, Pa still love to ride off road.

I even had one couple approach me to have me, “let them know” with them both being in their late 70’s, that riding their side by side is really the only means they have to get out into nature anymore. That these trails let them get to places in our great state that they would never see otherwise.
Thanks go out to everyone involved, especially the riders for turning out. It just goes to show that the off-road community wants to give back and what better way to do it than helping someone improve their quality of life.

If you couldn’t make this year’s Cruise and still want to help you can contact the Bucktail Medical Center directly at: (570) 923-1000 or a member of the Central Mountains ATV Association at:

We hope you all return in 2020 – I know I’ll be there.

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